Digital Product Creation

Welcome. My name is Quentin Brown and I will be your coach for this Product Creation training on how to create and sell your own digital products.

100’s of Product Creation Workshops

Discover How To Develop Your Own Digital Products And Sell Them In The Digital Goods Marketplace.

My first digital product was an eBook I wrote about how to build a website back in 1999 when doing this was a little more difficult than it is now. I had built a website for the non-profit aid organisation I was working for which did quite well. This led to others who wanted me to build one for them but as I was busy at work I wrote the eBook with pictures and text.

Lots has changed since then and I have developed a lot of different products and services. I will show you how to do it too.

Web Development

Website creation is a core function of any online business and there are lots of different platforms you can use. You can build your own or hook onto of the many online platforms.


Basically product creation tactics are all made the same however the main difference is in the formatting of the information. Books, Magazines, Copy, courses and so many more.

PLR Products

There are two sides to this business. Making PLR for sale and selling PLR and you can do this in many different ways.

Pictures & Graphics

So many opportunities here for anyone who has a camera or can do graphics. There are some simple workshops on Photoshop and other graphics and picture options.


There are heaps of freelancing opportunities out there and plenty of platforms allowing you to promote your services. Even job sites like Seek now advertise freelance work.

Audio & Video

Master these and you have foundations for courses, audiobooks, social media management and so much more. This form of product creation is very popular. 

Online Courses

There are a lot of ways you can go when it comes to creating courses and we will show you the most popular and how to create your course for maximum reach.

Selling Your Products

We have a wide range of workshops on the marketing and selling of your products once created much of it through automated systems.


Meet Your Coach

Quentin Brown

Hi and welcome to The Product Creation Training where I will be helping you to develop your own digital products. As a retired Internet Marketer I do not need to charge you a lot and if you need some sort of verification feel free to email me and we will set up a zoom call and have a chat.

I have set up this site with a range of tutorials on the various digital products you can create from full blown coaching sites like this to podcasts, influencer social media and ebook and graphic products.

Testimony: Lily Magazine

Much of how our Magazine works is based upon your training.

I did your online business course a number of years ago! Thanks to your wonderful information I now have an Internationally read magazine with writers contributing from all over the globe at Its a great vehicle to promote my business and lifestyle brand and ethics. Your information was incredibly helpful. Much of how our magazine works is based upon your course. These days we are now contacted by some of the worlds leading brands and products desperate to be in our magazine such as LG, Pandora Jewelry, Timothy Oulton and even Baz Lurhmans people. Keep up the great work. Prescilla, Editor LILY Online 


Product Creation Bonus

I practice what I preach and have a number of digital product sites and when you join I will give you one free PLR product of your choice every time you continue your membership.

Most of these products are licenced for you to resell and keep 100% of the profits or simply use yourself or add to your own products.

Not only are they great to sell but also go through them to see how others create their digital goods and the various bonuses they add to make the sale.

 View at


Watch On Any Device

You can watch and learn from Product Creation workshops on any device from mobile phones to televisions. All videos are in MP4 format and audios in MP3. You can do them at home, on the way to work or out by the pool.

Premium Courses

To access the current course and all new workshops all we ask is $10 AUD a month for 10 months Max. or $80 a year to cover admin costs. You can also attend the zoom calls while registered and get some support. 

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