Start your own online project!

In this site we look at a wide and growing range of ways you can start an online business.

I started my online project in 1998 when the charity I worked for wanted a website. In those days it was a lot harder to get started than today however that skill has held me in good stead over the years. I have built sites for large corporates down to home based mum and dad businesses.

Along the journey I also learned through many sites like this one to do graphics, audio and video plus a lot more so it does not have to be one or the other.

The other things is it does not have to be overly technical these days as there are so many great tools to help you accomplish your goals.

What Type Of Products Can You Create?

I start off with an introduction just to bring you up to speed with what you could do and then how to break it down so you can set some goals to achieve.

For example its no use starting to write a book if your more of a visual or auditory person person. You would be much better to create a podcast, audio book or video tutorials.
Next we break each section into the different aspects.



Say your a photographer then there are many different ways to sell your photos online from simple image sites to creating products with you photos or making them into bundles and selling resale rights. You may pick one or try them all looking for the gold mine of photo products.

Audio Products


Audio Products can be the same as you can sell them on all sorts of sites, bundle them up or create different products like podcasts to highlight and market your products.



Everything you do will be online so some very basic core skills you want to develop first is some writing ones. learn to write in a conversational style and use keywords to get it noticed. Simple graphics these days are a breeze and you can do it all in house very simply.
Learning how to do these basic skills can also help you generate extra income by helping others.

Try before you buy.


I have taken some of the basic concepts and created a free trial you can signup for. Promise no spam opr adds just info for you to see if you want to go further. You can access the free site here.

So here is what the program looks like.



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