Product Creation

Welcome. My name is Quentin Brown and I will be your coach in this training product. I have been creating my own products since 1998 and you can read more about me on the About page. As you go through this course you will be offered with a wide range of products and services you can offer and  implement it with our help. We Accept Qoin On Yearly Subscription.

Side Hustle Business

A side hustle means any activity that supplements your day job that helps you make more money. Usually people start looking at this in the form of a part-time job or work done for side hustle apps like Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, Rover, or TaskRabbit.

If you want a good side hustle, look past the part-time jobs and side hustle apps. Instead, look at a side hustle as a path to build your own business and keep all the profits. There will be opportunities for professional growth, and a way to earn income in your spare time.

So for it to be as good side hustle, you are looking to create some kind of return on time invested. That means your side hustle needs to be financially viable and, over the long term, relatively stable.

Most side hustles aren’t profitable right away, since your primary focus is developing your product or service and finding how to reach your first customers. You want to keep costs low in the early stages and work exclusively on developing your processes and looking for your niche to develop.

Where to Start?

Obviously to cover all these parameters the best place to start is online. The main reason is it is cheap and can be developed and tracked with little expense. If it doesn’t take off then you can side line it and try something else. For example I started selling QR Codes back in 2010 and it never took off however it was very cheap to leave there and my few customers covered costs.

Come 2020 and the thing took off and today I have tangible products as well as all the digital side all working together for a profitable side hustle.

If the idea of side hustling sounds good to you, here are some ways you can start building a profitable business in your spare time today. I have done most of these over my 20 year career online

  1. Create and sell your own handmade goods – Maybe not hand made but I sold a lot of USB sticks with different products like Artwork, Videos, Music, Images and Training then posted them all over the world. A great place to look for things you can sell and a platform for you to use is I know people using this for great side hustles.
    usb-book-800-product-creation Side Hustle
  2. Create your own designs for a print-on-demand business – I did this with T-shirts and developed a range of t-shirts all revolving around different Phobias.
    duck-phobia T-shirt side hustle
  3. Start a drop shipping business – I did this for a while too. I sold socks and led lighting through Alliexpress.
  4. Start a zine and sell digital subscriptions – I did this at the very start of my internet career and then moved to writing eBooks and digital magazines
    Digital-Training-Product Catalog
  5. Join the gig economy – The gig economy is a free market system where companies work with independent contractors or freelancers rather than hire full-time staff. The Bureau of Labour Statistics reported in 2017 that 55 million people in the United States were “gig workers,” making up 34% of the economy. There are lots of sites where you can offer your talents.
  6. Teach an online course – This site your on is part of my teaching portfolio and had a quite a few before I semi retired A few years ago. I use Camtasia a lot to make my tutorials. There are many platforms you can use to deliver your courses on a one time basis or a subscription based product.
  7. Start a blog – Blogging is usually about a specific area. I use blogging like you are experiencing now to generate interest in my product Product Creation Training.   Alternatively you could use affiliate products or referrals to use as your income generators.
  8. Start a YouTube channel – My YouTube channel has over 293,000 views and I use it like my blog to direct traffic to my various sites and products however as with blogging you can use it to rate and sell different products and services. YouTube has more than a billion users who watch hours of videos each day. As the popularity of the site has soared, so have the opportunities for creatives looking to craft their own video content.
  9. Become an influencer – Take Loki the Wolfdog, for example. What started as an account dedicated to adventurous photos of Loki developed over time to become a whole line of products. It didn’t happen overnight, but by consistently posting content that people wanted to see, the creators were able to amass a following of diehard Loki fans.
  10. Start a podcast – People listening to podcasts has been growing steadily every year. A podcast used to be a must-have for comedians. Then it became a must-have for writers and journalists. Now, podcasting has changed into a staple for almost anyone looking to build an online audience for their brand and turn a side gig from home into a profitable business.There have been concerns that an oversaturation of podcasts could kill podcasting, but data shows the appetite for podcasts hasn’t slowed down. Podcasting, like social media and blogging, has become a staple of the broader world of online content.

So there you are, just a small sample of what we can help you develop a side hustle. All of my side hustles were started by doing tutorials, watching vidoes and learning the trade. Its called investing in yourself and can help develop a number of side hustles over time and even lead to A FULL TIME CAREER.

Come join me and let me help you design your side hustle today

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Digital Product Creation Australia

Digital Product Creation Australia

Meet Your Coach Quentin Brown

My Digital Product Creation started 22 years ago when I started my online business selling affiliate digital products while working as a credit officer in a start up charity organisation here in Australia. From there I learnt Web Design, video production, Audio production and a bit of copy writing and marketing. As you can see I loved Digital Product Creation.

All of this has held me in good stead and enabled me to run my online Digital Product Creation business, raise 4 boys and live a pretty good life traveling and speaking at conferences and basically working from home. Now I am not a super rich sales guru and so if your looking to make a lot in a short time this is not for you.

This is a program that will take you through the basics of how to set up a variety of digital products you can develop and sell.

The beauty is there are many different ways you can do this and with my support you can get started pretty quickly. In the end that is what I am really selling the ability to ask questions and get some help in your journey.

What Have I Made & Sold

These are some of the digital products I have developed and sold. This was after being an affiliate marketer for about 5 years and learning to build Websites

Hosting is Core Business

I learnt very early and it still applies today. Hosting is the core of any venture online so if you can control your own site and address (Hosting and Domain) you are in a much better position. I learnt to buy reseller hosting as I can on sell it to clients and then build my own site for free. It generates a good recurring income and encourages clients to stay with you.


I bought my first software and refurbished it in 2003. It was the first to use flash and stream on dial up

MP3 Sound Stream and later redesigned as a 2 nd product it to HiFi Audio Stream when Broadband started

This led to a bunch of spin offs. This was my beginning in 2003 – 2006

MSI Prompt which was a teleprompter with recording features for audio books etc
MSI Jukebox for streaming a list of Audios
MSI Fetch which was software to hunt for rss feeds for websites.



How To build a Website 2000
eCommerce For Your Business 2011
Retirements Secrets  2018


I have created a number of digital magazines. I started to make them when tablets were hitting the market and I make them with a couple of columns and bigger text so they are easier to read. I also promote my training products by making them into a catalogue.

You can click on a magazine cover to download as most are around 2 MB.

Digital-Training-Product Catalog
wmfp-IM Magazine Web Marketing For Profit

Mobile Web Sites

In 2011 the new mobile phone revolution had started however the ability to see websites on your mobile phone was very limited and you had to zoom and scroll to see anything.

I found a way to create specific mobile website and stated producing them and in that year did around 800 sites for customers and myself. I then licensed the software and sold it to other marketers. A few years later responsive website hit the market which made everything a lot easier.

Digital Product Creation mobile WS

QR Codes

I started selling QR Codes back around 2012 however it was very hard as most people did not know what they were and so it seemed like a dead product but as I have my own hosting and can build my own websites I left it up and active then the pandemic hit and it took off.

Moral of the story is you never know what can happen.

Travel and Training

In 2006 my wife, myself and one of our sons moved over to Thailand to train a bunch of young people in Web Design and graphics. These were some of the children we had sponsored earlier when I worked for the charity.

This started me on a new career building training sites for myself so once we had done in house training we could keep them updated etc with online material and this is what we have here at Digital Product Creation.

I also went on to develop a number of other free training sites for youth all over south east Asia that we could not get to.

Licensed Products and Training

We came back from Thailand in 2012 and started to sell off the business due to some medical problems and started concentrating on my own products and services. For a long time I had bought Licensed products for myself to learn stuff and so started a site to let others do the same.

Licensed products are products that you can purchase and then resell and keep 100% of the profits. I have hundreds at You can also buy bundles are resell them like vidoes, audios and pictures plus a wide range of  graphics etc.

Here is a small sample.




This is a great system if your looking to supplement your current income or maybe start small then grow it into a full time income like me.

I am continually add new tutorials and happy to help where ever I can. Join our monthly or one time payment plans.

Free Product Creation

Just recently I created a new FREE Product Creation site that you can access for free.

It is really developed for beginners and the how too more than the actual products but how to set up your websites, domains, hosting, payments etc.

So these are the products you can create and sell.

Digital products you can sell online
  1. Sell educational products like ebooks or courses. …
  2. Sell licenses to use your digital assets. …
  3. Sell a membership for access to exclusive digital products. …
  4. Sell digital templates and tools. …
  5. Sell your music or art as digital products. …
  6. Sell your services through digital products.
  7. Sell Private Label Rights products

Once you have a product you need a platform to sell it from.

In todays economy there are a multitude of digital products you can develop and sell. I have been doing this for 20 years and just recently was able to retire so not looking for big profits etc.

The very first product I made money from was way back in 1998 when I joined a referral affiliate program that put a small bar on my screen and if I watched the add I got a small fee. I could also introduce others to the system so when they watched the add they got a fee and so did I. It was like the first digital MLM.

I made my first $100 that month and I was hooked. From there I went onto sell numerous products and services some belonging to other people and some of my own.

My first big ongoing sales was a software program I bought from a programmer in the UK. It was a streaming audio program based on the new flash protocol. I redeveloped and built marketing material etc and released it in 2003. It was one of the first streaming audio products over dial up internet.

mp3sound-stream msijukebox200 msiprompt









 This started my career as an online marketer as it went world wide and did very well. It led to a number of other products like HiFi Audio Streaming, Teleprompter with audio recording that became big with audio book producers and eventually streaming video software.

As flash has now been discontinued it has had its shelf life. Something you need to take into consideration.

After about 6 years the market became very crowded and most websites etc had a multitude of programs and plugins that could stream audio and video with the release of broadband internet.

The next big advance was the mobile phone and in 2011 the demand for mobile websites was enormous and we developed a system which allowed marketers to make unlimited mobile websites and again it did very well with a few spinoffs.

During this time I have created many eBooks, Digital Magazines, Websites for myself and customers, and training and education programs.

So if your interested in following in my footsteps then I can guarantee you will have some fun and maybe make some extra money and guaranteed to develop some great skills that you will use for a long time.

Try out our free program here at and if you like this teaching style come back and get the full program.


Create your own Products

Create your own Products

Start your own online project!

In this site we look at a wide and growing range of ways you can start an online business.

I started my online project in 1998 when the charity I worked for wanted a website. In those days it was a lot harder to get started than today however that skill has held me in good stead over the years. I have built sites for large corporates down to home based mum and dad businesses.

Along the journey I also learned through many sites like this one to do graphics, audio and video plus a lot more so it does not have to be one or the other.

The other things is it does not have to be overly technical these days as there are so many great tools to help you accomplish your goals.

What Type Of Products Can You Create?

I start off with an introduction just to bring you up to speed with what you could do and then how to break it down so you can set some goals to achieve.

For example its no use starting to write a book if your more of a visual or auditory person person. You would be much better to create a podcast, audio book or video tutorials.
Next we break each section into the different aspects.



Say your a photographer then there are many different ways to sell your photos online from simple image sites to creating products with you photos or making them into bundles and selling resale rights. You may pick one or try them all looking for the gold mine of photo products.

Audio Products


Audio Products can be the same as you can sell them on all sorts of sites, bundle them up or create different products like podcasts to highlight and market your products.



Everything you do will be online so some very basic core skills you want to develop first is some writing ones. learn to write in a conversational style and use keywords to get it noticed. Simple graphics these days are a breeze and you can do it all in house very simply.
Learning how to do these basic skills can also help you generate extra income by helping others.

Try before you buy.


I have taken some of the basic concepts and created a free trial you can signup for. Promise no spam opr adds just info for you to see if you want to go further. You can access the free site here.

So here is what the program looks like.



Free Product Creation Magazine

I have just created a new magazine all  about Product Creation and you can download for free. In it we look at How to pick a product and then how to put it together. It is designed so you can read on any device even your Mobile Smartphone.


The important thing to remember is not to get bamboozled by technology and if you get stuck ask for help rather than churning over it for days.

Most products you develop will have 3 main components. Text, graphics and or media. Once you master each of these your product creation can skyrocket.

Now that we have showed you some of the ways we create products to sell online you can get your own products and services together.

Remember that research is critical in the beginning and as you get better and better then you can branch out and try some things a bit more out there.

Also try and create one at a time and specialize in one type until you become a specialists and then break out. While I have tried my best to include all the “essentials”
to product creation in this guide, it is by no means the be all and end all.

There are so many things that you can do when it comes to product creation that you could fill up volumes on the subject. However, the information in this guide should be more than enough to get you started.

The key is taking the process one step at a time. Make a checklist of all the things that you want to do, based on what you have read here. You may decide to leave some things out… and that’s fine. Just understand why you are doing it.

Finally, please take great care with the product that you create. Your name is going to be attached to it and ultimately so is your reputation.

If you create products that people get use out of and products that improve their lives, whether it be making money or curing their acne, you’ll develop a reputation as
somebody who can be trusted.

And that my friend is worth more than all the money in the world.

To your Success,

New Focus Tutorial

I have just stared to add a new tutorial section on how to organize your workspace and stay focused at work. So many times people burn out when working at home so after 20 years of doing this I thought I would add it to the course. Enjoy

The Psychology of Staying Focused

When we think about how many things are vying for our attention right now, the list seems endless. From a long to-do list to our phones, emails, family members and more, it seems almost
impossible to keep up. While modern technology is amazing and has helped improve our world so much, there is the side effect of always getting our attention.

Think about your phone. It is common to see one notification after another popping up and distracting us from the things that we need to get done. All of a sudden we have wasted an hour and
have a ton of work left to do. This continues to happen throughout the day and makes it impossible to get ahead.

You are not alone in this problem. The average office worker will find a distraction every three minutes.

And Research from the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University says that it can take almost 25 minutes to get back on task after a distraction. Basically, it is easy to lose focus and hard
to get it back. We may not have a problem with too much work, but rather a problem with too many distractions.

How the Brain Chooses What to Focus On

During the day, your brain is always on and trying to gather and take in important information. This means that it has to sort through the noise and decide what it wants to focus on. This is called selective attention and there are two main forms that come with it:


This is also known as voluntary focus and it is one of the best types. With this focus, you pay attention to your goals. You look at the bigger picture and come up with a plan that helps you get there. You know that your phone and emails keep you from reaching these goals so you ignore them. You get stuff done on time, if not ahead of time.


This is more of a stimulus-driven focus. When a thought starts to creep up to you or a notification shows up on the phone and you get distracted, this is a sign that you work with bottom-up focus.

You have to pay attention to what is going on around you, rather than the thing that deserves the most attention for you.

What’s the Problem Here?

The ultimate goal is to become a top-down thinker. This allows us to focus on what is important and avoid all the rest. Unfortunately, because of our natural instincts, we are often bottom-up focusers instead. Willpower and focus are finite resources, which means that the more you are distracted, the harder it is to get back on track. And since we are bottom-up focusers, every little thing is enough to distract us from our goals.

Since most of us can be easily distracted by little things like emails and notifications on our phones, we need to prepare for this. We need to be aware of it and limit the amount of distractions that we have during the day.

Turning your phone off and staying away from social media, for example, can help keep the distractions down so your brain will not even realize they are there and you can focus on your work.

There is just too much that is adding to our focus problem and trying to draw our attention away from what is important. Those notifications, those emails, and those little things have a way of drawing us in, even if they are not that important at all. We think we just give them a few moments of our attention, but it does not take long for them to take over and then we get nothing done during the day.

Notifications are Just as Distracting as Phone Calls

In the past, we would not know anyone was trying to contact us on our phones unless it rang. This was less frequent because most people had to have something important to talk about before they would go through the effort because it took some time for a phone conversation. Today, our phones often do not ring as much. But we may here a single beep or a vibration for a text or a Facebook message. And since these take the sender just a few moments, we may get a lot of them during the day.

A study from three researchers at Florida State University suggest that getting one of these notifications, no matter how small they may be, could distract us as much as responding to a text message or a phone call, even if we do not respond to it.

During this study, there were about 150 students who had to complete a test of sustained attentional performance. During this test, the subjects are given a series of single digits on a screen and a new digit will show up every second.

During this, the students are meant to tap on the keyboard each time the digit changes, unless the new digit is a 3.

Each person did the test two times. The first time they did it without their devices there to interrupt them. The second time, they could have their phone and assistants to the test would text or place phone
calls to these phones.

Through this, researchers found that the performance for that assessment suffered if the student receive audible notification on their phone of any kind. Each type of phone distraction, whether it was a phone call or a text, was destructive to how well they did. It didn’t seem to matter if the student didn’t answer the phone or ignored the text. If they got the notification, they still knew they had that notification and their performance suffered.

This is telling to our focus and it is an example of how bottom-up thinking works. Something as small as a text notification is enough to send our focus out the window and can make our performance suffer.

Recognizing this and finding methods to limit the impact it has on our work can be critical if you want to improve how well you do at work.

The Great Escape.

So here I am living in Thailand running my Australian based business and things are going great. I am working on my business and doing lots of volunteer work with the orphanage we are sponsoring plus teaching a bunch of teenagers how to build websites etc. This is me and Pam after a trip to MacDonald’s.


So with all these great things happening it was sad when I realised I was sick and had to return to Australia.

On my return and after a number of test I was told I had a short time to live or get a heart operation. Naturally I did and had to spend about 5 months building myself up with exercise and diet to be able to have the operation.

Fortunately I had an online digital business that kept us going which I had to eventually sell when a couple of years later I got cancer.

I spent quite a while recovering and kept a few programs and small businesses with the aim to grow back once I got better. One of these was QR Codes which up till 2019 was just about dead. As you can imagine over the pandemic it has done quite well so what might be bad for some can be great for others.

The coaching programs like this have also done quite well. In this program we look at lots of the digital products that are growing and will do well into the future.

Come join me to find out how you can get involved.

Technology provides new opportunities

There have been three major changes in technology since the car and they are computers, the Internet and mobile phones. Everything since these were introduced, are just different types or improvements of the same thing. So as a new digital product producer these are the things you have to consider. All these use content, graphics and media. Its how you mix these will depend on your success.


It was about the 1990s when the internet was being widely used in Australia.


Release of the iPhone

So in the last post I was talking about how I moved to Thailand with my wife and youngest son. While we were over there Apple released their iPhone on January 9, 2007, at the Macworld 2007 convention at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

As it started to get out into the marketplace the obvious problem was 2 fold. It did not accept flash and website did not adjust so lots of scrolling and zooming to see sites online.

Release of the first Android.

In 2009 the first Android phone was released which meant the market now had some variety.

At the beginning of 2011 we were starting to get requests from customers to make mobile enabled websites for them. At the time the only way to do this was to create a seperate mobile site and link it up to the main site so if a touchphone entered the site it would be redirected via a simple script looking at screen size.

After being so successful with our audio software we learnt that to sell it to others we needed it to be simple so we developed the product that had all the elements in it and all the reseller or customer had to do was change the actual content. This meant we could sell the package to marketers.

Again we were one of the first to release this to the marketplace and it was not long till there was a lot of competition but that first year we developed nearly 800 mobile sites.

So as you can see technology can be a key contributor to your product Creation. Today there are a lot of fields that are becoming popular because of the pandemic. Zoom, Podcasts, Webinars, Online Businesses and so many more. Here is a whole list of them for you.

When you do our course we go into each one of these in much more depth. So hope you enjoyed this next trip down memory lane. In the next one we will look at the great escape.


Becoming A Freelancer

Thinking about becoming a freelancer?
by Abdullahi Muhammed CEO of Oxygenmat

Many people around the world are sidestepping their fears, ditching the 9-to-5 lifestyle, and set out to make money on their own off of their skills and passions. Now’s the perfect time to do so – the demand for creative freelancers has never been higher. According to CNBC, the number of independent contractors has increased by about 27% more than payroll employees over the past 20 years. A lot of that is thanks to gig work apps and freelance sites.

I’m a fan of small-scale freelance businesses you can start for (almost) free from your bedroom or anywhere else, armed with just your passions and skills. I share ideas for freelance businesses with people every day and I’ve started and had success with a number of them myself – from when I started blogging from my college dorm room in 2012 to when I launched my content marketing company, Oxygenmat.

Here are 55 of my best freelance business ideas for you – find one that works for you and join the gig economy.

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a major marketing tool for businesses. But new platforms are popping up all the time, and the old ones are always changing their features. As a freelance social media expert, you can help companies understand how to use Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and every other platform to reach their business goals.

2. Blogging

Lots of business and entertainment sites need people to write for them. You can become a resident blogger for hire and earn a nice freelance salary in the process. Better yet, you can start your own blog and attract traffic with your posts. Then start monetizing it to turn it into a real business. For instance, I had one of my blogs making $9k a month, then I got an offer from and sold it to a group of U.S. investors for $280,000 last year.

3. Teaching

Thanks to video chat, teaching is a freelance job you can do online or off. If you have writing skills, know two languages, or possess just about any other teachable skill, there are people around the world who need your help. Charge a simple hourly rate for your freelance teaching services.

4. Interpreting

Sometimes, people need real-time translation, like at an important business meeting or political summit. Traditionally, interpreters performed these tasks in person. But thanks to online group-calls, you can easily do this remotely on a freelance basis. According to GlassDoor, freelance interpreters average $35.43/hour.

5. Advertising Copywriting

It’s not easy to write web copy that gets clicks. Most business owners don’t know what to write in their advertising copy to get results. If you’re an expert in advertising, you can offer out your services to write PPC and display ad headlines.

6. Tutoring

You don’t have to be an expert at something to help others learn. High school and college students need tutors for particular subjects you have a knack for, like math or chemistry. You can find tutoring jobs in your community or online. Here are 15 sites that offer online tutoring jobs.

7. Stock Photography

Have a nice camera and a knack for photography? You can start a freelance business taking photos and placing them on stock photo sites (iStockPhoto, for example) so you get a royalty for each purchase/download. In some cases, you sell the photos outright.

8. Ghost Writing

Some people need to write for their job, but don’t have the time or skills to do it. That’s where you come in as a ghostwriter. You can write books, articles, blog posts — you name it. Then the person who hired you will publish it under their name. Entrepreneurs do this all the time. Good freelance writers can make up to $55 an hour for these assignments.

9. Magazine Articles Writing

Lots of magazines and online publications solicit free contributions from writers, but not all. Here’s a list of over 200 publications that pay writers. All you have to do is come up with a story idea that works for their audience, pitch the idea, and land a paid writing gig!

10. Translation

The economy is more global than ever, making translators in high demand. If you speak Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic, or another major global language, you can get gigs translating business documents and other materials. Work is out there for more obscure languages also! And you can charge more for your rare skill (Between $20 and $50/hour depending on the language).

11. Legal Work

You don’t need to go to law school to work in the legal field. People need the help of legal interpreters, secretaries, court reporters and more. You’re not qualified to offer legal advice, but you can help people navigate the very complex legal system on a freelance basis.

12. Graphic Designing

Graphic designers are very in-demand online. People need logos, infographics, memes, blog post cover photos and more made all the time. Most freelance graphic design is piece work, but there’s so much of it out there you can easily work your way up to full time. Freelance graphic designers earn on average $44,109 per year.

13. Virtual Assistant Work

Businesses need all sorts of administrative tasks taken care of, like monitoring emails, providing customer service, issuing invoices, and balancing the books. Today, all these things can be done remotely online. Work as a freelance virtual assistant for one business or split your time between several.

14. Programming

The internet wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for programmers, and it certainly won’t advance without it. If you’re savvy with coding language or software development, people will hire you to create complex websites, develop apps, and more. Freelance web developers make between $26k-$52k a year.

15. Music writing and production

Due to copyright laws, movie and TV producers are very limited in what music they can use in their productions. Many turn to freelance musicians to write and perform pieces for them. If you’re a skilled musician, you can start creating jingles and songs for businesses and get paid for doing what you love.

16. Photo Editing

Know your way around photoshop? You can offer your services as a photo editor online. People need vanity photo touchups and all sorts of other changes. They don’t want to buy their own photo editing software or just don’t have the time to do it, so that’s where you come in.

17. Travel Consulting

If you’re well-travelled yourself, you can help make others’ travel experiences a whole lot smoother. Help people plan their vacation and book their trips affordably. You can do this independently or become a flight booking expert on

18. Accounting

Know your way around Quickbooks? That’s all the skill you need to help people track and manage their finances. If you’re a tax whiz as well, that will earn you even more money. Many small businesses need help with their finances, and you can do it all remotely online.

19. Online Researching

Always got good grades on your research reports in school? That’s all the qualification you need to become an online researcher. Organizations need statistics for their whitepapers and infographics, for example. You can be their go-to person to find all the information they need to complete their work. You don’t have to write, just supply the data.

20. Editing

Editing services are in high demand. You can edit books, articles, research reports, news articles — you name it! Get a byline as an editor on some freelance projects and you can find yourself landing gigs with big publishing houses in the future. Editors have an average salary of $53,500 a year. How much you earn will depend on the type of editing work (proofreading, copyediting, substantive editing, etc.).

21. Social Media Management

Social media matters a lot for businesses today. They use it to engage with their potential customers, provide customer service, and attract traffic back to their site. But doing it properly can take hours and hours a day. That’s where you come in. You monitor social accounts, post interesting stories and help businesses build their social following, all for a freelance fee. Social media managers can make up to $80,000/year.

22. Sales Consulting

If you know what makes people tick and can use this information to land a sale, businesses need your help. You can represent companies selling products and services and earn money on commission. Work as much or as little as you want in this freelance role.

23. Podcast Production

Podcasts are more than just a recording posted online. They need to be scripted, the sound adjusted, edited, and more. You can be in charge of all that as a podcast producer. Do this freelance for different sites that want to offer podcasts as part of their content.

24. Video Editing

People hand you raw footage with instructions on how to put it all together. You have the software and skills to do it. Video has quickly become the most popular content type online, which means your services are very in-demand. Video editors can make up to $84k a year.

25. Business Management

Plenty of investors out there want to own an online business but don’t necessarily want to run it. They buy businesses off auction sites and need someone with online business knowledge to run the show for them. I know this because the investors who bought my niche website needed one. If you have experience managing online businesses yourself, then this is a helpful service you can provide.

26. Voice Acting

Voice actors can fill a lot of roles online. You can provide audio narration for a book, act in cartoon content, narrate audio business reports, and more. Voice actors sell their services all the time on Fiverr and other freelance sites. Become well known and you can charge a lot of money for your services. Voice actors can earn up to $72/hour.

27. Grant Writing

Academics and NGOs need to write grants all the time to keep their work going, but many don’t have the time to keep up on it all. If you have experience and success as a grant writer, you can easily navigate the submission requirements and write grants for others. Grant writers earn $66,000 a year on average.

28. Marketing Consulting

A lot of online businesses today manage their own marketing, but they’re far from knowledgeable about every aspect. If you have experience in marketing as I do, you can become a consultant. Do an audit of a business’ marketing efforts and offer suggestions for improvement. Marketing freelancers can earn between $46 and $52/hour.

29. SEO Services

Spend a little time learning about what makes pages rank well in Google search. Get access to some of the best keyword research tools, and then you can sell your services as an SEO expert. Offer webmasters keyword research, on-page optimization and technical SEO services for a fee. SEO experts on an average charge up to $50 per hour but you can earn well over $100 per hour if you match your expertise with a great track record – I know because I do.

30. Music Tutoring

So you never made it onto a record label back in your 20’s, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up doing what you love! Freelance music instructors can make some heavy change in teaching classes or one-on-one pupils. A traditional salaried instructor can make up to $80,000 a year.

31. Google Advertising Consulting

Google advertising is pretty complex to navigate but can do a lot to improve web traffic if you do it right. There’s search PPC with many different ad types, then display advertising and all its features. Get Google Adwords Certified (it’s free), and you can offer your services as an expert to businesses.

32. Interior Design Consulting

You don’t have to have a degree in design to become an interior design consultant. Just set up a portfolio of some of the successful redesigns you’ve done and ask your friends and family to start recommending you. You can work as a freelance interior design consultant through word-of-mouth.

33. Housesitting

Housesitting is one of the easiest freelance gigs out there! Get known in your neighbourhood as the go-to person to look after people’s home while they’re away on vacation. Visit to find house sitting opportunities as well.

34. College Admissions Essay Editing

If you got into a good college yourself, that’s credential enough to become a college admissions essay editor. Edit for content for applicants and offer suggestions on how to improve their application. It’s easy to find clients on sites like Upwork and Freelancer, especially during college admission season.

35. Wedding Photography

If you have a nice camera and knack for photography, you can make some extra freelance cash as a wedding photographer. Learn the traditional poses and family photos, and catch some candid shots. You can set up a website to display your work and attract business. Professional wedding photography services often start at $2,000 per project.

36. WordPress Site Consulting

WordPress has a lot of customizable features, but most people use it as a glorified word processor. But there are plugins, advanced features and customizations to take advantage of. If you know the ins and outs of WordPress, you can show people how to customize and improve their site (or do it for them) for a fee.

37. Pet Training

Are you an animal whisperer? Or maybe you have a lot of dogs that you trained well. Pet owners need your help! Offer your services as a freelance pet trainer and make house-calls to clients around town. Train pets (and owners) how to interact with each other in harmony.

38. Driving For Uber

Drive for Uber or Lyft in your spare time to pick up some extra cash! It’s easy to sign up and work through the app to find gigs in your town. Pay is not that great, but it is a nice way to earn extra cash when you have free time.

39. Data Analysis

Academics, organizations and businesses all need data analyzed and reported. If you have a knack for statistics and access to the right software, you can offer this as a well-paying freelance service. Data analyst salaries start at $50,000 a year.

40. Personal Fitness Training

Fitness trainers don’t have to be gym employees. You can do this freelance for individuals or groups at the gym, in the park, or anywhere else. A lot of people prefer to work with freelance personal trainers because your fee isn’t jacked up by the gym’s overhead.

41. Yoga Tutoring

In today’s busy business world, a lot of people don’t have time to travel to the gym every day. Instead, you can bring yoga instruction to them right in their home! Become a certified instructor and offer this service to wealthy clients who want personal classes.

42. Tour Guiding

When people travel, they like having a local who can show them around town (or the country, if they’re travelling internationally). You can set up your own business as a professional tour guide to offer this service. You can even use an app like Viva Voice that connects travellers with local experts.

43. Being a Taskrabbit

TaskRabbit is an app that connects you with people in your neighbourhood who need stuff done. They might need a handyman, a hairstylist, or simply someone who will go to the grocery store for them while they nurse a broken leg. It’s easy to find tasks you’re qualified to do with this app.

44. Investment Consulting

If you have experience in stock market investing yourself and the credentials to prove it, then you can help others invest their own money by offering advice. True, certified investing consultants can earn $91,000 a year.

45. Caregiving

Childcare is one of the most in-demand services in America today and there are plenty of apps you can sign up for that connect you with families who need a babysitter. You can also offer comfort and care for the elderly on a freelance basis.

46. House Cleaning

More and more people are hiring a home cleaner who stops by once per week these days. You can offer freelance house cleaning services around town to earn extra cash. Become well-known for your services and you can turn it into a full-time business.

 47. Computer Training Services

No computer science degree required — if you know your way around a PC, there are people out there who need your help. You can offer personal training lessons on how to use a computer and its features and offer minor repair.

48. Real Estate Sales Consulting

If you used to be a real estate broker or just have experience flipping houses, you can become a real estate sales consultant in your spare time. More likely than not, people already come to you for advice on buying or selling their home. So why not get paid for it?

49. Pet Care Services

Many pet owners would love to have someone come over and look after their cats in their home while they’re on vacation. Or you can take their dog on a walk in the middle of every weekday. Get some extra money and exercise in the process!

50. Being A Notary Public

A notary public is someone appointed by the government to serve as an impartial witness in the signing of important documents. These are called notarizations, and the job is publicly commissioned. According to National Salary Data, a notary public can make as much as $90,000/year.

51. Party Planning

If you know how to throw a party, your services are needed. You can help people budget, book, and buy everything they need to make a wedding, graduation party, or anniversary go off right. Gain new clients through word-of-mouth in your community, and feature your successful parties on your freelance website.

52. Yard Work Services

Your dad used to make you trim the hedges and de-weed the flowerbed. Why not get paid to do these chores for others? Offer up yard work and basic landscaping services to different homes in your community. Get enough clients and you can start your own LLC.

53. College Counseling

If you’ve successfully gone to college, then you can be a college counsellor. Help future students find the right schools for them, navigate the application process, and more. College counsellors can make up to $53,000 a year.

54. Bicycle Delivery

You need more exercise, and now you can get paid while doing it. Use your bicycle to deliver goods around town. Become a delivery biker with bike and they’ll find the customers for you. Uber is also starting to offer bicycle delivery services.

55. Professional Organizing

Maybe you’re known around town as having the cleanest, most organized home. The next time someone asks you “How do you do it?” respond with your own question: “Do you need some help?” Scatterbrains and packrats will pay good money to someone who can take care of their organization problem for them.

 Hopefully, these 55 ways to make money on the contract will inspire you to join the gig economy and start earning as a creative freelancer! But this list is far from the end of it. Do you work with another type of freelance job I missed? Tell me in the comments.

All About Digital Product Creation

Pam-and-Quentin-BrownSince 1998 I have been involved with Digital Production Creation  and it all started with an affiliate product that put a small add on the bottom of your screen and when you watched an add you got paid. Back then you could also have multiple people under you so when they watched an add they would get paid and you would get paid.

This was the first time I made money online.

Those days are well and truly gone now however the idea got me started on developing my own products and services.

Building First Website

I worked for a start up charity as an accounts clerk and magazine distribution. As work was quite slow my boss mentioned he had seen some web pages online and asked if I could look into building a website and gave me a copy of Microsoft Front Page.

Well I had no idea so I asked around and did the tutorials and learnt how to do it and made my first web page. It ended up doing so well that I started getting requests from other charities etc to do the same for them.

Wrote my First eBook

By now work had gotten quite busy so I decided to write an eBook on how to do it and gave it away and/or sold it. It was downloaded almost 10,000 times over the following years.

Became It Person

Because I did this my boss thought I was a computer whiz so asked about setting up a network in the office as we were getting more staff etc. I hired a guy who showed me how to do it which I documented and then set it all up with his help. I had learnt if you can watch someone else do it or do some simple tutorials its not that hard.

A few things went wrong so I just paid him to come and fix them and again watched and documented and everything just kept getting bigger and I was doing almost as much IT stuff and accounting.

Management change and a new career!

About 7 years after I started the charity had grown quite a lot and new management took over and suggested I go back to accounts or take a redundancy package as I did not have a degree etc to be running such a large operation. I took the redundancy and started up my own business and the organisation became my first client as they new person needed so help as they weren’t teach some of this stuff in Uni yet.

That was 2002 and in 2003 I took some of that money and moved into software which is another story.

What can you learn from this?

  1. Document things you do as they can become the foundation of your business and possibly products
  2. Because you will be going digital learn how to build a website. Its a lot easier these days than when I made my first one.
  3. Learn a bit about ecommerce as you will want to sell your products and services.
  4. Once you start there are people around who will help so don’t get to upset. I’m here for you.
  5. Learn a bit about writing and graphics as this will save a lot of time and heartache. Just a little.
  6. Start simple and build as you grow.
  7. Come back here and subscribe as I will be adding a lot of content to help you get started and provide tutorials etc if you want to fast track you learning process.


My First Digital Products

So here I am, I have been retrenched and nobody needs me because the dot com crash has happened and there are PHD people applying for my IT and Accounts jobs. It was just after Christmas and I had a few website jobs and sales of the eBook are trickling in but I give way more away than I sell.

Discovering Sound

I did notice about 18 months before I left work and the internet was running ok on dialup in the office. We received an mp3 file from the orphanage in Thailand. In those days computers did not come with sound cards so I did a quick course on how to install by a guy faxing me a couple of pages with photos on how to do it.

I went back that night with the sound card and installed it and in the morning the boss came in and turned on his computer and we all heard Tah Dah. Sound had entered the office over the internet.

So sitting there with no real job and 4 boys and a wife to support it came to me that if I could find some software to stream audio over the internet I could make a lot more websites. I went in a search and found Real Audio and a couple of others but they were big blotted files you had to download to play the audio let alone make them.


Streaming Audio Software

Then I found some software in the back blocks of music industry that was streaming audio with flash which was a tiny download compared to the others. I contacted the owner in the UK and was advised he had built it for his music friends. I asked if I could be an agent and after a few days he came back and said he was a programmer and not a marketer so he would sell me the whole program, code and graphics for a set sum. I bought it up with my family and we all agreed.

With the help of some friends (my son was doing computers at uni), some coke cola and pizza we redesigned it, renamed it and I launched it in October 2003. I quickly learned how to market online and set up ecommerce etc and it started selling almost straight away. Within 6 months I was making almost as much as I was at the charity and from then on doubled every 6 months for about a year and a half.

HiFistreamMore Products

I contacted the programmer again and asked if he could upgrade to high quality sound as broadband was becoming more popular. He said ok as it was relatively simple and so I had my second product.

Tip: When I started selling these products I noticed certain groups exploding so I created separate sites for them. Same product different descriptions and examples. Lastly I found a programmer to build some other software on a similar bent and contracted him to do the same. Software, code, graphics.


msijukebox200MSI Prompt

By now I had set up my business called MSIncome and started to deliver other products. The next one was a jukebox to stream over the Internet because there were heaps of musicians that bought the other software.

This allowed you to add a whole bunch on music and create a streaming jukebox on your website.


msipromptMSI Prompt

This next product was born because we started doing videos and Audio books and Podcasts were becoming popular.

You would add your text and it would scroll through and you could read and record while you were doing it. Lots of people just used it as a teleprompter as they could run it on their computer and put it behind the camera.

As time went on we found that people were using it in all sorts of untought of placxes like schools etc.


msiwebvideoMSI Streaming Video Software

This was a natural progression and the software takes all the hard work out of linking your video to a player. If you have looked on the web for a player you will see they go from $25 upward and are very chunky. Then you have to work out how to link them with your video.

Our player is a small 3 kb file which makes it one of the smallest on the web. Also you can adjust the size to any dimension you want.

As you can see in the diagram to the left there are also a lot of added features for this powerful little player.

In the next post we will discuss product life. Be sure to sign up for this.


Product Creation Life Span

In the last post I showed you some of the products I created at the very beginning of my career as a product creator. I followed a pattern and it worked but what I wasn’t told is how fragile these products are. So after a couple of years lots of people saw how successful I was and so started to go in competition with me.

So there was a flurry of streaming audio products that came on the market which meant my sales started to slow. The next thing was technology started to change and I was able to upgrade for some of it. It get to the point where you have to move on or relaunch a whole new product.


I decided that I had made a fair bit so I decided to go and follow a dream of working in the charity sector again and so moved to Thailand with my wife and younger son to train some of those orphans we were sponsoring way back when I moved to Brisbane.

I loved teaching them web design and Photoshop plus lots of other skills and most of them got hired by companies and NGO’s or started their own businesses and some have done very well.

As I started to teach these young people I created a website and tutorials for them to update their skills and also for revision. So in reality that is what I based this site on as I offer it for free to some of their friends etc,

So I moved from software developer to training and education.

It wasn’t long after and apple released the first iPhone and life changed again.

See you in the next episode.

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