Hi, my name is Quentin Brown and I have been running my own online business since 1998.

Before this I also ran a number of traditional non digital businesses.

These were a Preschool, printing business, home care business and a few others.

I have been married 47 years with 4 boys all married now. Here is all the family a number of years ago.

Product Creation Trainer

Your Trainer and Mentor History

When I left school in 1969 I went straight into Advertising and Public Relations with Philips Industries. You probably know them as they made appliances etc and numerous Govt contracts. I worked on brochures, the Royal Easter Show Pavilion and the release of VHS players.

Unfortunately, after a few years the govt changed the rules and large companies were no longer able to have their own inhouse add department.  It was all outsourced. I moved to the large McCann-Erickson however not my scene.

I moved onto waitering in a upmarket hotel restaurant in North Sydney opposite a popular radio station. Met lots of celebs. Raised up through the ranks and became Maitre d’ for a short while. It was sold and did not like the new owners as much so decided to move on.

Your Trainer and Mentor as a Temp

I did a few odd jobs and decided I liked the extra time. I became a temp in accounts and admin allowing me to work a few months then have a couple of months off getting into surfing.

During this time met my wife and got married and worked for her dad in a large cosmetic screen-printing business and worked up to assistant factory manager.

Your Trainer and Mentor History & Family Business

After a number of years, he sold it and we all moved south of Sydney. Here we ran a recycling plant and dive boat charter business. Here I learnt how to drive big trucks and forklifts etc.

Your Trainer and Mentor History First Big Business

During the next few years we had our first son and again the business was sold due to Pam’s dad illness so had to get local jobs. Truck driving for food company, Hospital admin, and then another big screen-printing firm as manager. During this time 2 more sons added to the clan.

Again, this was sold, and the new owners gave me a few of the smaller clients to help me start my own business as they moved it to New Zealand and I didn’t want to move.

During this time I also bought a preschool for my wife to run which also came with a large house on a double block. All was going great, plus our 4th boy child.

Collapsed in a heap

Then came the recession we had to have. Our Interest rate shot to 24% and we never recovered as we had only been in operation for a couple of years.

In 1994 we chose to file for bankruptcy and lived in a caravan with the 4 boys for 18 months. Moved into a house and then moved to Brisbane where I went to college to fill in the time. The reason was simple, it was easier to cloth the boys and gave them a better life away from the stigma.

Enter the Internet

This is when I started looking at other types of businesses like MLM etc. Loved the concept but I was lousy at recruiting etc. then the Internet came along. I was working for a startup charity while doing college and when I finished, I worked for the Charity full time.

When I joined the charity there was only a few staff and I went into accounts. It grew and because I was a little tech minded, I became the IT specialist also. I didn’t know much but learnt by outsourcing lots of it and learnt by watching and asking questions. By the end a lot of people were coming to me with questions.

My First Digital Business

Joined my first affiliate program and built my first website for the charity and so it all began. Started to get some local clients and other charities as the site I built was doing well. I was happy in my job so wrote my first eBook on how to build a website which was download over 10,000 times, I sold some copies but gave a lot/most away as well.

Story of my life: management changed, and I was called into the office and offered to go back to accounts or take redundancy, so I was hooked on the Internet etc. so decided to leave.

After I left the new IT person didn’t know much about web pages and Lynix servers, so I was contacted back at twice the rate for a short period.

My First Software Product

One of the things back then was Audio was just starting to stream and I bought the full rights to a software program that allowed streaming over dialup internet and thus started my online career. The first 6 months I made more than I did in a year at the charity and then it doubled the next year and so on.


With all these new clients my website business also took off, so I hired some people to help and we created new products and services.

One of the secrets to success is giving back especially to those who you do not benefit from which in my case was orphans overseas.

In 2005 we moved to Thailand to help with the charity over there and also train a bunch of the orphans. My business was basically online now so could run it from anywhere. Here is the orphanage we helped. Me up the back striped shirt.

pattaya orphanage

After seven years I got very sick so had to return to Australia and had a triple heart bypass then a couple of years later prostate cancer. During this time I passed a lot of the business on the workers and just kept some of my old clients. I thought my working life was over so planed for retirement.

QR Codes Revival

I had an old program that created Dynamic QR Codes for clients which was about 10 years old however it never took off. Then in 2020 it sprung to life because of the virus and has been creating a new income for me up to now and should keep going. It is a subscription business so a nice little recuring income.

As you can see, I have had a wide range of work and business experience over a number of levels and industries. I am not a trained mentor however I am an experienced one. As I do not work much anymore I also have quite a bit of time to help you get going.

My offer is simple. I am willing to help you for a one time fee of $200 AUD for 10 months or $15 a montht for 10 Months

Feel free to contact me and discuss your needs