25 years ago I was working for a startup charity and had 4 young boys and a wide to support. My pay was not great and the internet was just taking off and my boss asked if I knew about websites. I said no but I would learn and he bought me a copy of Microsoft Front Page and so started my digital creer of Selling Digital Products.

I built a website for the charity and it performed so well that others approached me to do the same. I bought some hosting so I had full control over the process and away I went. The charity started to get busy so ran out of time so then I wrote my first ebook with photos of how to do it yourself. This was one of my first experience of Selling Digital Products apart from websites.

The ebook was downloaded over 10,000 times, some paid but mostly free giveaways. I have been building websites ever since and branched out into software, training and went full time in 2003 Selling Digital Products.

The digital marketplace has expanded exponentially, offering unlimited opportunities for you. Digital products, which include software, e-books, online courses, and various other online services, present a lucrative avenue for creators and businesses. Here we explore the myriad benefits of developing and selling digital products.

High Profit Margins and Scalability

One of the most significant advantages of selling digital products is the potential for high-profit margins. Unlike physical goods, digital products require no manufacturing or shipping costs except for time. Once developed, these products can be duplicated and sold indefinitely without additional costs, leading to significantly higher profit margins.

This scalability allows businesses to reach a wider audience without worrying about inventory or logistics. The added benefit is they can be kept up to date without having to reprint or manufacture them.

There are costs involved in Selling Digital Products such as a website, hosting and storage of the digital files however these are minimal and easily recouped through sales.

Low-to-Zero Initial Cost of Selling Digital Products

Starting a business typically involves considerable upfront costs. However, digital products often require minimal to no initial investment, especially if you have the skills to create them yourself.

This low barrier to entry makes it an attractive option for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

If we take my first eBook I made which I later turned into an online course, it was a matter of documenting the process and adding photos as I went. Back in those days it was fairly basic however with new tools we can turn out great looking products.

At this point people can get very concerned however I learnt very quickly there are only 3 main elements. Text, graphics and media. Master these three and you are 90% done and thats why I am here to help you develop your creating and Selling Digital Products.

Flexibility and Control

Selling digital products offers a high degree of flexibility and control over your business. You can manage your business from anywhere in the world, providing an opportunity for a better work-life balance. Moreover, you have complete control over the pricing, distribution, and marketing of your products.

These digital products can be a stand alone business or additional arm to an existing traditional business. Many of our clients have transfered some of their products into digital products, moved their stores online, developed digital marketing strategies and so much more.

Build and Leverage Your Brand

Creating and Selling Digital Products allows you to build and strengthen your brand. By offering high-quality, valuable products, you establish your authority and expertise in your field.

This branding can open doors to other opportunities, such as partnerships, speaking engagements, and more.

The secret with digital product branding is to get as close to the product name as possible. Example: I am selling a course on digital product Creation however it was almost impossible to get a name like that so I opted for just product creation but included the digital part in all my promotions.

Giving your digital product some strange family name with no relation to the product can make it very hard to get any ge neric traction.

Global Market Access

The internet breaks down geographical barriers, allowing you to sell your digital products to a global audience. This expanded reach can significantly increase your customer base and revenue potential.

I live in Australia which has a very small population however I can sell my digital products all over the world as well as locally. If you do want to sell world wide then it is important to make your pricing in US dollars as it is accepted everywhere and makes it a lot easier internationally.

Having said this to make if fairer to my Australian customers I provide a coupon for them to get a discount and hence pay the same price locally.

Continuous Income Stream

Digital products can provide a continuous stream of income. Products like online courses, memberships, and subscriptions can generate recurring revenue, providing a more stable and predictable income compared to one-time sales.

A great program to do this with is WordPress as there are a number of plugins and membership programs allowing you to setup automated recuring income. Using programs like stripe and Paypal will manage payments etc for you all automatically.

Opportunity for Passive Income

Many digital products can become sources of passive income. Once created and set up for sale, they can continue to generate revenue with little ongoing effort.

This allows creators to focus on developing new products or pursuing other interests. Things like training and membership programs can be added to with an ongoing system and add new modules etc allowing you to increase costs and introducing new plans.

Direct Communication with Customers

Selling digital products often involves direct communication with customers, allowing for better customer relationships and feedback. This interaction can lead to improved products and services, higher customer satisfaction, and increased customer loyalty.

Yhis can be done with simple emails or special meetings using any of the myriad of live video conferencing software for a fraction of the cost or previous systems.

Add to this the ability to add forums into your membership or program allowing customers to provide feedback and sugestion. Plus add to this a bot and you have a complete system.

Flex Your Creative Muscles

Developing digital products provides an opportunity to be creative and innovative. Whether it’s designing a unique app, writing an engaging e-book, or creating an informative online course, you have the freedom to express your ideas and share your knowledge.

Dont be led into a false sense of security when you hear how you can do this all with AI. Many have gone down this road and failed miserably as it does not have the personal touch.

By all means use AI but incorporate your own content and introduce your clients to other similar products and services.

Helps with Brand Authority Development

Selling digital products can help establish and enhance your brand’s authority. By offering quality products that solve real problems or provide valuable information, you position yourself as an expert in your field.

This authority can boost your credibility and attract more customers.

Environmental Benefits

Digital products are more environmentally friendly than physical goods. They require no raw materials, manufacturing, or transportation, which reduces the carbon footprint associated with production and distribution.


In conclusion, developing and selling digital products offers a range of benefits, from high profitability and scalability to creative freedom and environmental friendliness. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the opportunities for digital entrepreneurs are bound to expand, making it an exciting and viable option for many.