Digital Product Creation Australia

Meet Your Coach Quentin Brown

My Digital Product Creation started 22 years ago when I started my online business selling affiliate digital products while working as a credit officer in a start up charity organisation here in Australia. From there I learnt Web Design, video production, Audio production and a bit of copy writing and marketing. As you can see I loved Digital Product Creation.

All of this has held me in good stead and enabled me to run my online Digital Product Creation business, raise 4 boys and live a pretty good life traveling and speaking at conferences and basically working from home. Now I am not a super rich sales guru and so if your looking to make a lot in a short time this is not for you.

This is a program that will take you through the basics of how to set up a variety of digital products you can develop and sell.

The beauty is there are many different ways you can do this and with my support you can get started pretty quickly. In the end that is what I am really selling the ability to ask questions and get some help in your journey.

What Have I Made & Sold

These are some of the digital products I have developed and sold. This was after being an affiliate marketer for about 5 years and learning to build Websites

Hosting is Core Business

I learnt very early and it still applies today. Hosting is the core of any venture online so if you can control your own site and address (Hosting and Domain) you are in a much better position. I learnt to buy reseller hosting as I can on sell it to clients and then build my own site for free. It generates a good recurring income and encourages clients to stay with you.


I bought my first software and refurbished it in 2003. It was the first to use flash and stream on dial up

MP3 Sound Stream and later redesigned as a 2 nd product it to HiFi Audio Stream when Broadband started

This led to a bunch of spin offs. This was my beginning in 2003 – 2006

MSI Prompt which was a teleprompter with recording features for audio books etc
MSI Jukebox for streaming a list of Audios
MSI Fetch which was software to hunt for rss feeds for websites.



How To build a Website 2000
eCommerce For Your Business 2011
Retirements Secrets  2018


I have created a number of digital magazines. I started to make them when tablets were hitting the market and I make them with a couple of columns and bigger text so they are easier to read. I also promote my training products by making them into a catalogue.

You can click on a magazine cover to download as most are around 2 MB.

Digital-Training-Product Catalog
wmfp-IM Magazine Web Marketing For Profit

Mobile Web Sites

In 2011 the new mobile phone revolution had started however the ability to see websites on your mobile phone was very limited and you had to zoom and scroll to see anything.

I found a way to create specific mobile website and stated producing them and in that year did around 800 sites for customers and myself. I then licensed the software and sold it to other marketers. A few years later responsive website hit the market which made everything a lot easier.

Digital Product Creation mobile WS

QR Codes

I started selling QR Codes back around 2012 however it was very hard as most people did not know what they were and so it seemed like a dead product but as I have my own hosting and can build my own websites I left it up and active then the pandemic hit and it took off.

Moral of the story is you never know what can happen.

Travel and Training

In 2006 my wife, myself and one of our sons moved over to Thailand to train a bunch of young people in Web Design and graphics. These were some of the children we had sponsored earlier when I worked for the charity.

This started me on a new career building training sites for myself so once we had done in house training we could keep them updated etc with online material and this is what we have here at Digital Product Creation.

I also went on to develop a number of other free training sites for youth all over south east Asia that we could not get to.

Licensed Products and Training

We came back from Thailand in 2012 and started to sell off the business due to some medical problems and started concentrating on my own products and services. For a long time I had bought Licensed products for myself to learn stuff and so started a site to let others do the same.

Licensed products are products that you can purchase and then resell and keep 100% of the profits. I have hundreds at You can also buy bundles are resell them like vidoes, audios and pictures plus a wide range of  graphics etc.

Here is a small sample.




This is a great system if your looking to supplement your current income or maybe start small then grow it into a full time income like me.

I am continually add new tutorials and happy to help where ever I can. Join our monthly or one time payment plans.