In the last post I showed you some of the products I created at the very beginning of my career as a product creator. I followed a pattern and it worked but what I wasn’t told is how fragile these products are. So after a couple of years lots of people saw how successful I was and so started to go in competition with me.

So there was a flurry of streaming audio products that came on the market which meant my sales started to slow. The next thing was technology started to change and I was able to upgrade for some of it. It get to the point where you have to move on or relaunch a whole new product.


I decided that I had made a fair bit so I decided to go and follow a dream of working in the charity sector again and so moved to Thailand with my wife and younger son to train some of those orphans we were sponsoring way back when I moved to Brisbane.

I loved teaching them web design and Photoshop plus lots of other skills and most of them got hired by companies and NGO’s or started their own businesses and some have done very well.

As I started to teach these young people I created a website and tutorials for them to update their skills and also for revision. So in reality that is what I based this site on as I offer it for free to some of their friends etc,

So I moved from software developer to training and education.

It wasn’t long after and apple released the first iPhone and life changed again.

See you in the next episode.

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