So here I am living in Thailand running my Australian based business and things are going great. I am working on my business and doing lots of volunteer work with the orphanage we are sponsoring plus teaching a bunch of teenagers how to build websites etc. This is me and Pam aon a visit to the orphanage and back then was is an old diamond factory. Its me in the back in black stripe shirt.

pattaya orphanage

So with all these great things happening it was sad when I realised I was sick and had to return to Australia.

On my return and after a number of test I was told I had a short time to live or get a heart operation. Naturally I did and had to spend about 5 months building myself up with exercise and diet to be able to have the operation.

Fortunately I had an online digital business that kept us going which I had to eventually sell when a couple of years later I got cancer.

I spent quite a while recovering and kept a few programs and small businesses with the aim to grow back once I got better. One of these was QR Codes which up till 2019 was just about dead. As you can imagine over the pandemic it has done quite well so what might be bad for some can be great for others.

The coaching programs like this have also done quite well. In this program we look at lots of the digital products that are growing and will do well into the future.

Come join me to find out how you can get involved.