In this article I am going to take you through some of my products and show you how to create your own digital products.


Table Of Contents

  1. What is a Digital Product
  2. How to choose your digital product
  3. How to create your own digital products
  4. Marketing your digital products
  5. Selling your digital products
  6. Supporting your customers
  7. Conclusion

What is a Digital Product?

A digital product is something that doesn’t usually get shipped to you but is delivered via a download or through a portal like a membership website.

Digital Products come in many different formats such as PDF, Videos, Audios, Graphics, Online Training, eBooks, Software and many more formats.

Because they are digital there is no real storage or inventory costs which means it is the perfect home-based business. Also because there is virtually instant delivery, and it is digital there is no need for a shop front etc.

Here is a set of videos explaining Digital Products and is an example of the type of training we provide.

How to choose your digital product?

As mentioned before there is a wide range of digital products and we provide new training and tutorials and are adding more on a regular basis.

So let me show you what I have done over the last 20 years.

I started off with affiliate products where you sell someone else’s product then receive a commission for this. You add a review on your website for the product or build a database of email subscribers and sell to them. In our training we also provide a link to hundreds of affiliate programs.

Another format of this is buying PLR (Licensing Rights) products and you can rebadge and sell as your own keeping 100% of the sale. Example below and click to buy and see on my site.

launch your online course

I then added to this coaching courses, Web Design, Video and graphics products. My latest venture has been QR Codes and all that involves from both digital aspects and physical products.

How To Choose Your Own Digital Products? This is exactly why I set up this program so your could investigate a wide range of products. It will save you time plus we can investigate together.

To Create Your Own Digital Products, you already have pretty well everything you need depending how specific you want to go. Your computer will let you build your shop front and a wide range of products.

You may need some additional software to make video tutorials, podcasts etc. but most are not too expensive when compared to the resulting sales.

If you need help, we are here to help when you sign up.

How to Create Your Own Digital Products

So, learning how create your own digital products is as easy as what I am doing now. Digital products only have a few elements. Text, images and media such as video and audio. There is also software and some other products which are good if you are a programmer but lets stick to the basics.

The first thing to do is use a system to whittle down what you would like to do if you do not already have an idea. The key here is to get a product that is sort after, can be reasonably easy to produce and hopefully has a good sales potential or is recuring like a membership program.

We have used a system developed by a company I used to work for where you simply add your information to a table and assess the results.

To see it at work I will show it to you for free as it is a great way to see if you have an idea of what you want to do. You will find it just under the video on the introduction page. Introduction – Digital Product Creation This is part of the free course Don’t get confused as it is the same video as above.

In this system we rate product ideas and if they are viable for you to use. We then go into how we put the product together, the planning etc.

There are also a couple more free pages to go through defining your niche and personal care.

Marketing Your Digital Products

The digital revolution didn’t just revolution how you shop, it also revolutionized what you shop.

Instead of physical goods, many merchants are selling bits & bytes in the form of e-books, mp3 music files, downloadable images, software, videos, & product keys. With a different form of product, comes a different method of marketing.

Product Previews

Before you even launch your new digital product, marketing your digital product is a good way to get your new customers excited about your product.

You can market your digital product by providing a sample. A short excerpt from the eBook, a preview of a video or song, etc. This will stimulate interest of anyone who sees it, and you set them up for the actual launch of your digital product.

Online Events

You can create your own or find others with similar interests and do a Joint Venture of some kind. Videos are very popular so set up a YouTube channel and record your progress with screen captures etc. You could also do a podcast on your progress.

Just remember to document your whole process because later on this will become another product. My suggestion is only creating one product at a time but definitely document everything for later.

When the iPhone came out there were very few mobile websites and no responsive (website converts to any device) websites so I started making some and had to make icons for the links.

I documented and later created a little Photoshop file which allowed people to make their own icons. It did quite well however limited life as it all raced ahead. Remember this was back around 2011.

Download This Video 4.9 MB

Download the Icon Builder PSD 14.3 MB


Online Learning Courses

What better way to market digital products than to hold online learning courses and classes that hold relation to the digital products you are selling, right? 

Online learning courses will provide them with a more intensive and educational experience because they have instructional resources and people explain them to them. This way, you not only promote your digital product and encourage your students and customers to buy, you also essentially help them in understanding and appreciating more the contents of your digital products and your lessons.

Strikingly Zizzle Online Course

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

A Website Sales Page 

A domain name and website are the cheapest was to market your products. So, for example this website promotes this one product however I also market it on my other websites, so I get some cross pollination.

Now at the moment landing pages are all the rage however my front page is a landing page of sorts. When you have multiple products then you may want your front page to be more generic with a shop page listing all your products.

A landing page is a specific page for one product with no outside links to any other part of the website. Can be better for sending people to so they concentrate.

Selling your digital products

This can be a little challenging depending on where you live however here in Australia can be quite easy.

Basically, you create your product and upload it ready for delivery. Build your website and use something like WordPress or any of the other sales products. Signup and get a stripe account and a backup PayPal account.

Obviously, there are heaps of different alternatives and we go through it all in the training and you can also ask questions.

eCommerce- In its simplest form e-commerce is the buying and selling of products and services by businesses or consumers over the World Wide Web.

The beauty of this whole process is evident right here and is repeatable over and over again.

A customer comes to your site and likes your product. They click on the buy button and go to a secure transaction page where they enter their credit card details and once approved, they are delivered the product. So, all the work now is customer support and any trouble shooting.

Supporting your customers

Much of my sales these days comes from referrals as I try and give great customer support.

Because we are selling digital products on a digital network, we can be helpful 24 hours a day. I set up a sales email so after a couple of hours I will send a prewritten email where I check with the customer if they got their download and if everything went ok plus do they have any questions.

I do this later in the process to give them time to download the product etc.

I don’t actually follow the customer is always right policy as I have had some doozies over my 50 years online however if they are polite and have a valid grievance I try and do the right thing. You get to know if it is a con or not after a while.


I hope this short summary is helpful and you can do a trial with a few different courses to start with then if you like it dive into the full version.

I guess if I can provide any clues, it would be start simple. Do not try and go for a full-blown training site like this one. Learn the basics, document everything you do and once you have a grasp on all the moving parts try a bigger venture.

Remember I am here to help if you need it.