Pam-and-Quentin-BrownSince 1998 I have been involved with Digital Product Creation  and it all started with an affiliate product that put a small add on the bottom of your screen and when you watched an add you got paid. Back then you could also have multiple people under you so when they watched an add they would get paid and you would get paid.

This was the first time I made money online with Digital Product Creation.

Those days are well and truly gone now however the idea got me started on developing my own products and services.

Building First Website

I worked for a start up charity as an accounts clerk and magazine distribution. As work was quite slow my boss mentioned he had seen some web pages online and asked if I could look into building a website and gave me a copy of Microsoft Front Page.

Well I had no idea so I asked around and did the tutorials and learnt how to do it and made my first web page. It ended up doing so well that I started getting requests from other charities etc to do the same for them.

Wrote my First eBook

By now work had gotten quite busy so I decided to write an eBook on how to do it and gave it away and/or sold it. It was downloaded almost 10,000 times over the following years.

Became It Person

Because I did this my boss thought I was a computer whiz so asked about setting up a network in the office as we were getting more staff etc. I hired a guy who showed me how to do it which I documented and then set it all up with his help. I had learnt if you can watch someone else do it or do some simple tutorials its not that hard.

A few things went wrong so I just paid him to come and fix them and again watched and documented and everything just kept getting bigger and I was doing almost as much IT stuff and accounting.

Management change and a new career!

About 7 years after I started the charity had grown quite a lot and new management took over and suggested I go back to accounts or take a redundancy package as I did not have a degree etc to be running such a large operation. I took the redundancy and started up my own business and the organisation became my first client as they new person needed so help as they weren’t teach some of this stuff in Uni yet.

That was 2002 and in 2003 I took some of that money and moved into software which is another story.

What can you learn from this Digital Product Creation Story?

Digital Product Creation

  1. Document things you do as they can become the foundation of your business and possibly products
  2. Because you will be going digital learn how to build a website. Its a lot easier these days than when I made my first one.
  3. Learn a bit about ecommerce as you will want to sell your products and services.
  4. Once you start there are people around who will help so don’t get to upset. I’m here for you.
  5. Learn a bit about writing and graphics as this will save a lot of time and heartache. Just a little.
  6. Start simple and build as you grow.
  7. Come back here and subscribe as I will be adding a lot of content to help you get started and provide tutorials etc if you want to fast track you learning process.